Letters of A Fangirl: Mourning

Dear Mr. Fictional Character,
You made me cry tonight for a good five minutes or so.
You represent all the good minor characters we fangirls tend to overlook but subliminally appreciate. You were bait, and I had a feeling you were during that episode when you were all smiling and talking nicely to the main character. But, I ignored that and kept watching the series as planned.
And then you die. You had to. It was a classic rule in the unwritten rules of storytelling – kill the character that no one expected to die, one who, though of little significance, hooked the audience enough to tug at heartstrings. I get it.
But in our living room, as I recounted your story to my sister, adding notes about the episode’s cinematography here and there, I just couldn’t erase the image of your smile and the sound of your voice greeting the main character and telling her she did a good job.
You were an honest to goodness good man, and, maybe, you could’ve stuck around a little longer (though it wouldn’t make sense to the plot). You were a good man.
I mourn your fictional death. Thank you for the feelings and a perfect excuse to cry.
Love, Fangirl
(P.S. Rest well, Manager.)

Screenshot edited from dramabeans.com (dots)