Living in Makati


What Makati feels to me

A friend PM-ed me earlier, asking me about the pros and cons of living in Makati. I thought I’d list it down for her and for anyone wanting to give this place a try.

Just a backgrounder: I’m a fresh grad from Batangas. I had to move here because of my job. It’s just been four months+ since I’ve been here on my own (so I’m not really sure if my opinions are valid or anything). I did intern at companies here November last year till March but I stayed in Pasay with my cousin. I’m not sure if that counts as something.

Anyway, here’s my list. It’s from a adulting millennial struggling to build a career in the city’s perspective:


  1. You’d meet really intelligent, career-driven, determined and well-connected people. They can teach you a lot and can even challenge you to better yourself.
  2. Shopping and grocery-wise, there are a lot of options. If you can afford it, you can experiment on the food want to eat and the stuff you want to buy.
  3. There are many ways to treat yourself. Museums, coffee shops, malls and leisure spots are very accessible and abound.
  4. You’d learn to walk faster.
  5. You’d learn to be fashion-forward and break out of the box. People here, even those in business sectors, are far from looking uptight and they’d inspire you to step up your wardrobe game.
  6. I’d say Makati is cleaner, than other places in Metro Manila.
  7. You’ll have politics for lunch (which I realize, is a good thing.) Being at the capital, business capital to be more precise, forces you to be in the know and empowers you to be involved. You’ll feel like you have a say in things.
  8. Possibilities are everywhere. Here, you’ll realize that you have so many options and you can dream.
  9. Makati has a way of making you feel important, like you’re actually doing something with your life.


  1. Makati is not immune to Manila stench, filth, heat and traffic in general.
  2. It’s really hard to find low-cost decent places to stay in (at least in my case, it was).
  3. The prices of goods can be more expensive than those in the province.
  4. The commute can be confusing, especially being familliar with all the names of the streets, avenues… etc.
  5. You’d be tempted to buy everything, all the time. The same goes for travelling to places.
  6. It floods real bad.
  7. If you’re not a native, it’s hard to find a spot or safe place for you. It comes with homesickness and the adjustment period. Everywhere can feel too cramped or too busy.
  8. If you’re moving here alone, well, you’d have no one unless you make friends. (But of course, new friends won’t satisfy your need to be understood deeply.)
  9. You can never really fully relax.
  10. You have to be tough, especially when it comes to holding onto your principles or else, Imperial Makati can swallow you.
  11. Makati isn’t home.

At the end of the day, I think the bottomline will be dictated by how you feel. Whenever you move to some place, you need to be prepared that you will not really be prepared for it. It’s like having to set your universals on shaky ground. It’s being uprooted.

But if you’re really decided, just find one good reason to stay (and your job doesn’t count; it has to be something that really matters to you). If you are able to do that, living here will become easier.


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