F4 and FUNemployment


The best part about being FUNemployed for a while was having some time to bond with my siblings. Together, we’re the F4.

We can’t trace exactly when we started calling ourselves that and why we chose that name in the first place. (Well, obviously, there are four of us, but whether it was a tribute to Meteor Garden or the Fantastic Four, we were never really sure.) We never talked about it elaborately. We just sort of had a mutual agreement.

We would excitedly announce “F4 unite” whenever we were left in a single room together or when our parents were away and we had the house to ourselves. We did this because when we unite, we all get on this weird level of weirdness that meshes so well. We can’t understand it ourselves.

— –

In college, I’ve been really busy. There were a lot of instances that I would not be at home for a week or when I have meetings even on weekends. Then, my internship also happened and I had to live in Manila for roughly three months.

During those days, I rarely got to bond with my family, to the point that I missed out on movie nights and dinners. Of course, at the time, I had reasons to help me justify things in my head. I was so busy.

And then everything slowed down after graduation. I had time for myself, time to help out for things that I’m really passionate about and time to just hang out and rest. And since their vacation was also extended due to the sudden calendar shift, they also had time to waste away with me.

During the first weeks of our so-called vacation, it wasn’t a big deal, or at least, it didn’t make me all mushy inside. I still had a bunch of commitments then so I was still going in and out, so our bonding came in form of meals outside; my treat, of course. By then, we also often had moments in the kitchen, just waiting for breakfast while mutually co-existing with our respective gadgets in hand. (#millennials)

Then came the days that I just had to stay at home. Even though I became often unproductive, those were great days. We’d just talk sometimes, mostly about the Sims 4 or about what happened during the day. Ish would talk to me about presswork and her poems. Kate would “force” me to listen to her anime stories or would compete with me in designing her posh Sims house and family. John Paul would open up to about his “Bi” and tell me about why he loves her in the first place.

Or, we’d just all be weird and talk in funny accents with funny faces and funny gestures. We were our own brand of comedy.

— –

I guess, it’s when you grow up that you actually become mature enough to appreciate the value of your sibling relationships.

When we were younger, I was the authoritarian first child that watched them, took care of them and reprimanded them. I was sort of their permanent nanny and they were often the reason why I always got scolded. Thus, I often viewed them as a big chunk of responsibility and of course, that got in the way of friendship.

Now, we’re all starting to be independent. We’re capable of being in-charge of ourselves. And since we’re becoming complete persons of our own, it’s become easier to get to know each other on a deeper level and to form a bond, not because we’re related but because we’re genuinely interested in each other.

In F4’s case, we may have a ton of similarities but we still have ideas of our own that’s interesting to put forward. And we have years to explore all our individualities and use them to keep growing together. I’m looking forward to that.

(That’s one part of my life that I wouldn’t want to fast forward. I want to be present for every milestone. F4 unite!)


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