Friends and Safety

I was having dinner while watching cable with my cousin when my cellphone rang. The Caller ID was that of my friend from the publication I belonged in so I answered thinking that it was something work-related.

Instead of what I was expecting, I heard the voice of one of my best friends, panicking and scared. She had just been threatened and stolen from on her way back from work.

It was so surreal. I got really worried, and after I made sure she wasn’t physically harmed, I just flared up. How dare they try to hurt someone so important to me? What gave them the right to scare her in the dark and take advantage of her vulnerability?

If I knew how to, I’d run to her just so I can hug her and make her feel safe. She has to know there’s someone there of her.

When we all decided to move to Manila for our internships, we knew we were going to have to risk our safety but when it’s real, when a knife has been pointed at you, the game changes. And I feared for her and I felt the instinct to just want to keep her inside my pocket and protect her.

Then, I thought of all my other friends. We’re all wandering in this world unprotected.

I know it’s absurd to wish that I could all save them so instead, I wished that they think of me when they need someone to comfort them, to listen to them, to check if they went home safe at night. Because even if I’m not the reach-y out type, I’d willingly check on them if it means I know they’re alright.


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