Riding the Internet of my TMI-self

As a part of making this blog my legit blog, I decided to unify my accounts and to de-clutter my SNS life. Here are a few things I discovered in doing so:

  1. I am loud on the internet.
  2. I am too honest with my thoughts.
  3. It’s harder to deactivate an account than to make one.
  4. It’s not too safe being all over.
  5. It’s important to organize your content and to know your goals in making an account.
  6. Never take the internet you for granted.

Apparently, I have over 15 accounts. I deleted some but there are two with no deactivate options. đŸ˜¦ Anyway, at least that opened my eyes to just be more careful.

Despite that, I’ll still share my soul here, of course.


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