Good Samaritans in a Hopeless Place

Though I have adjusted a bit to the trials of living in Manila, I’m still not used to having people be nice to me.

So one of my pit-stops is at the Baclaran church and there’s this one traffic aid that was able to recognize me. Some days he would approach me and ask where I wanted to go and then stop a bus for me to ride on. (Those days, I was still very desperate so I just accepted the help and didn’t dwell much on the matter.)

But then Christmas break came and I was gone for a long while, so I didn’t expect him to do the same if he sees me when I got back. He did though, yesterday and today. He even told me to always just ask him when I need help.

Yesterday, I was more doubtful than thankful. Was it false generosity? What did he want in return? Was it some sort of scam? But today, I saw that he was assisting tons of other passengers too. He was stopping buses for them too. That made me think that maybe he’s just a good man, doing a good job.

Manila taught me to trust no one but myself, but after getting over the constant feeling of being unsafe everywhere, I think I can finally see the good in this place. Maybe, we’re all just people trying to figure out how to be alive. And maybe, those people who have survived here know how it feels to be so troubled that they willingly lend a helping hand.


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